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Digital Music Record Edit Burn Studio is refined as a premier solution in audio realization. You can work with Digital Music Record Edit Burn Studio in many different ways.

Six applications are provided in Digital Music Record Edit Burn Studio:

  • Audio Recorder records audio from micro phone, CD, video, and any audio you can hear from your computer;

  • Audio Converter offers wide-covered Real-time Decoding technology. Whether you need MP3 in pocket player, or WMA for Web delivery, it offers the quality your business demands;

  • Audio Editor edits an audio file and applies different effects as well as filters;

  • Audio CD Burner integrates all of the burning technology into one workstation. It’s the only authoring station that gives you fast and efficient access to Disc-Audio production;

  • Audio MP3 CD Burner digitize MP3 to the hard disk, in a way that is suitable to burn it on an audio CD;

  • Audio Grabber is designed specifically for music fans and brings every track in a CD to your professional productions.